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The museum has unique personal items which once belonged to soldiers from both sides of the battlefield. August Siegel will be your tour guide in the museum, he will tell you a story based on true events and leads you through the museum passing 150 life like fully uniformed mannequins.

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St. James Church, Acton Trussell

The St. James Church is situated just outside the small village of Acton Trussell in the English county of Staffordshire. The church is from the 13th century, build in 1212. It was enlarged and rebuild in 1869. The organ chamber and a combined vestry were added together with a new south porch. St. James Church was re-opened in 1870 after being closed for 44 years. The church has a window from the 13th century one from the 14th century and three bells in the tower from the 17th century.

In the backyard a wing of a Roman villa was discovered. From May 1985 archaeologists work here and found artefacts from the Roman and much older times, dating back to the Iron Age, the Bronze Age and even the Stone Age.

In the church yard are two commonwealth graves … Read More »

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At the Weymouth sea side stands a cenotaph commemorating United States soldiers who left this harbour to fight on the landing beaches in France during D-Day. The Majority of the American assault force left from the Weymouth and Portland Harbours. Over 144.000 vehicles and over 517.800 troops left the harbours from the 6th of June to the 7th of May, many of the troops left from the Weymouth Pier.

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On camp road near Cannock Chase are two war cemeteries and two memorials. During World War One and World War Two a war camp was situated here complete with railroads and a hospital.

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Read along with a Tiger tank Family reunion. After 70 years the Tank Museum Bovington has organised unusual exhibition with World of Tanks. All types of Tiger tanks in one place.

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In the centre of Batley, just south of Leeds in England, is a war memorial to commemorate the fallen from the Great War, or World War One, and World War Two

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After Fall Gelb, which is the German designation for the taking of the Netherlands and Belgium in May 1940, the Kriegsmarine settled in IJmuiden and took over the Dutch defences of the coast, the IJmuiden harbour, the Port of Amsterdam and the North Sea canal leading to industry and a ship lock.

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South of Seezielbatterie Heerenduin is the Marine FLAK Batterie Olmen. This anti aircraft battery protected the coastal battery, the Schnellboot bunker, the industry of IJmuiden with its blast furnace and other key points in Festung IJmuiden. In Fortress IJmuiden the German Kriegsmarine had no less than five heavy FLAK Batteries at their disposal.

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Behind the Seeziel Batterie Heerenduin W.N. 81 Coastal Battery lies FLAKbatterie Süd Ost designated W.N. 92. The unique feature of this Widerstandsneste is the Walzkörpersperre. This checkpoint in de antitank wall is so unique that it seems there are only 2 left in the entire Atlantic Wall.

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Battery Heerenduin is situated at the estuary of the North Sea Canal which runs towards the port of Amsterdam and its industry. To defend this canal the Dutch build this defensive position in 1939 and equipped it with 7,5 centimetre guns. Germans later designated the coastal battery as M.K.B. 81 or Marine Kusten Batterie 81.

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Flakturm Humboltshain is a 1st generation G – tower. The ‘G’ indicated Gefechtsturm or Combat tower. Its measurements are 70,5 by 70,5 metres, and 39 meters high. With all of its guns the tower could reach a gun speed of 8000 shots a minute.

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Stutzpunktgruppe Katwijk is a defensive strongpoint from the North sea inland to airport Valkenburg near Den Hague in the Netherlands. It is part of the Atlantic Wall.

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During the Battle of the Bulge Easy Company of the 101th Airborne Division dug in near the German occupied town of Foy in Jack’s Forrest.

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A huge memorial in the shape of an American star was resurrected in Bastogne to commemorate the American soldiers who fought bravely and left so much behind on the battlefields during the Battle for the Ardennes in December 1944.

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During World War Two Great Britain tried to defend it long coastline. They build all kinds of protective constructions, lookout posts, searchlight positions and other warning systems.

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