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, Last update: March 19 2017,
Behind the Seeziel Batterie Heerenduin W.N. 81 Coastal Battery lies FLAKbatterie Süd Ost designated W.N. 92. The unique feature of this Widerstandsneste is the Walzkörpersperre. This checkpoint in de...

, Last update: February 19 2017,
Flakturm Humboltshain is a 1st generation G - tower. The 'G' indicated Gefechtsturm or Combat tower. Its measurements are 70,5 by 70,5 metres, and 39 meters high. With all...

, Last update: February 16 2017,
Stutzpunktgruppe Katwijk is a defensive strongpoint from the North sea inland to airport Valkenburg near Den Hague in the Netherlands. It is part of the Atlantic Wall.

, Last update: February 13 2017,
These towers were developed specifically as air raid shelters by German Architect Leo Winkel.

, Last update: January 31 2017,
Hidden in the foliage at the dead end of the curved "Am Großen Wannsee" lane lies a complex which was formerly known as the Reichs Air Raid Defense School...

, Last update: December 18 2016,
During World War Two Great Britain tried to defend it long coastline. They build all kinds of protective constructions, lookout posts, searchlight positions and other warning systems.

, Last update: October 24 2016,
Between Omaha beach and Gold beach lies Marine Küsten Batterie Longues-sur-Mer or M.K.B. Longues-sur-Mer. Construction started in September 1943 and finished just two months before D-day in April 1944.

, Last update: September 19 2016,
To restructure the German Army Command, Hitler founded the OKH and OKW organisations. Both commands were stationed in two neighbouring facilities Maybach I and Maybach II in the forested...

, Last update: May 16 2016,
Near the town of Cramond in Scotand is the tidal Cramond island. During World War Two the entrance towards the river Almond was protected with a submarine defense wall...

, Last update: March 3 2016,
Fort Mahler a.k.a Fort du Larmont Inférieure was built between 1843 and 1851 to cover the flank of "Château de Joux" or "Fort de Joux" in case of an...

, Last update: February 11 2016,
On the West side of the Staelduinse Forest lies Artillery Stand "Kormoran". This was an open firing position just outside the inner anti-tank ring of Fortress Hook of Holland...

, Last update: February 8 2016,
As part of the Fortress Hook of Holland, Widerstandsnest (or W.N.) 35 H lay hidden in the relative safety of the Staelduinse Forest, a small distance to the North...

, Last update: February 2 2016,
Situated at a safe distance from the coast in the Staelduinse Forest area at 's-Gravenzande, Stp. XIX was the Fortress Hook of Holland Command Headquarters.

, Last update: January 3 2016,
The Grand Blockhouse is a renovated 5 level fortification build by organization Todt and part of the Atlantic Wall. It is located in Batz-sur-Mer, France, and part of the...

, Last update: January 2 2016,
This museum offers tours inside Pz.W 716 and Pz.W 717 and walks down the vast tunnel system of Festungstellung Oder-Warthe Bogen in Poland.

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