German U-boat memorial at Möltenort – Germany

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At Möltenort, the U-boat memorial shows us 30,000 names engraved in a memorial wall. These are all the lost crew members of each German U-boat lost in battle. It also states the (probable) place and cause of loss. It is strange to read how many U-boats still have not been found. You get a good picture of the progress of the battle at sea throughout WWII and can clearly notice that the allies were getting better at locating and destroying German submarines. By the end of World War II the cause of the loss of the U-boats with 30 to 50 people on board is often just a single allied airplane.
Very interesting is a map outside the memorial, which shows where the U-boats sank, were last seen or where they had contact for the last time. There are many scattered across the world map.

30000 names on the memorial wall in Moltenort

30,000 names on the memorial wall in Möltenort

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Northern Germany

2 thoughts on “German U-boat memorial at Möltenort – Germany

  1. I visit the memorial two time, when you enter the right side of the wall is dedicate to the WW I lost U-boats and the left side on the WW II.
    The complete monument is very impressive.
    Don’ t forget to visit also the ” Seaman’ s tower memorial ” and museum in the city of Laboe located at + / – 10 Km

  2. This beautiful and touching memorial honors the brave men from WWI onward who gave their lives in service to their country. The dedication of the volunteers who maintain this memorial is outstanding.

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