Hitler’s Tea house on the Mooslahnerkopf – Obersalzberg, Germany

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Hitlers’s favorite Teehaus or tea house was on the Mooslahnerkopf. The tea house was of Hitler’s own design and was finished in 1937. It was a small building against the mountain side, with a rectangular lay-out and with an 8 meter diameter circular room on the side.
Every day after lunch Hitler and his entourage walked across the small path to the Mooslahnerkopf tea house, which was about a half hour walk from his house “the Berghof“.

Hitler Tea house on the Mooslahnerkopf Berchtesgaden

Hitler’s favourite tea house on the Mooslahnerkopf (Photo taken from Wikipedia)

A Daily Walk

He kept on taking this daily walk, even after Martin Bormann had presented him a new and much more pretentious tea house named the “Kehlsteinhaus“, or the “Eagles Nest” as it was later known, on the peak of the Obersalzberg mountain. Needles to say, but this annoyed Bormann a great deal, for he had ordered the construction of asphalt roads toward the tea house, hoping Hitler would eventually prefer to take a car.

Foundations of the original tea house on the Mooslahnerkopf

Foundations of the original tea house on the Mooslahnerkopf before 2006. Photo by Joris Nieuwint.

The tea house at our arrival there is nothing left

The tea house at our arrival, there is nothing left anymore.

The View

From the windows of the tea house Hitler had a stunning view of the valley below.
In extension of the tea house Adolf Hitler placed an artificial plateau of 8 meters wide and 20 meters long. Wooden fences were placed at the edge of the plateau and the wooden bench was the favorite place of Hitler to sit and have long conversations with people from his inner circle, like Albert Speer.

He could sit here for hours and look out over the valley or the other mountains, the Unterbergmassiv and the Kneifelspitze.
Sometimes he brought binoculars to view the farmers in the fields.
On nice warm days the whole entourage sat in the grass, of which Eva Braun took lots of pictures and filmed these relaxed outdoor moments. These photo’s and films are a very famous source of information about Hitler’s life on the Obersalzberg in the Second World War.

View on the plateau at the Mooslahnerkopf tea house

View on the plateau at the Mooslahnerkopf tea house.

Another view on the plateau of Mooslahnerkopf

Another view on the plateau of Mooslahnerkopf

This was Adolf Hitler’s place of peace, where he enjoyed the view, loved the sweet pastry of the tea house and took naps in his thick furnished chair. He paced back and forth on the plateau while preparing speeches or made important decisions.

This is what Adolf Hitler watched for hours

A stunning view from the plateau. This is what Adolf Hitler watched for hours.

Visit Mooslahnerkopf and the Obersalzberg

In 2012 LandmarkScout landed on the Obersalzberg. After the initial demolition in the 1950’s there were still lots of foundations and reminders to be seen on the mountain. After 2005 / 2006 the last important reminders of Hitler were removed by the authorities including the tea house, fearing that the remnants would attract unwanted visitors.
This is why there is nothing left of the tea house on the Mooslahnerkopf, only the plateau is still there and a few bricks of the tea house foundations. The bench and the fence are not original. They were restored for the making of a film on this location.

More about Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg

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  1. Very interesting,I’m visiting week 22nd Oct 2018 and plan to visit Eagles Nest ,Berghof site, Mooslahnerkopf and Documentation Centre hopefully on a day visit from Salzburg.Your information should be a great help than you.

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