Liechtenstein – Hürtgenwald – Ardennen, Switserland – Germany – Belgium

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Liechtenstein – Switzerland and Austria

A few years ago we went on holiday in the country of Liechtentein, on our way back we stopped in Germany in the Hurtgenwald, in Belgium at Fort Eben Emael and in the Netherlands in the city of Breda .
In Liechtenstein near the border in Switzerland, we found a bunker which turned out to be a part of Festung Schollberg.
The bunker is sealed. We walked around and took some pictures. We weren’t familiar with this defence position.
Near the border in Austria, we also found parts of a defence line. We saw a höckerlinie (dragonteeth), parts of an anti-tankwall and bunker ruines. We didn’t know if they belonged to the same Festung Schollberg, because we were unfamiliar with the exact whereabouts of the line.

Bunker of Festung Schollberg

A höckerlinie in Switzerland is called a Tobleronen-road which, as you might know, is the name of the well known chocolate-bar with the same shape. So next time you are eating one of those bars, remember that you’re eating dragonteeth.

A grave for three unknown German soldiers at Vossenack


Vossenack and Zweifall – Germany

We arrived in the Hürtgenwald and looked up our place to stay in Zweifall and we went hiking. On top of a mountain we ran into a War Monument for German soldiers. For us this is extraordinairy, knowing that the view on the German Wehrmacht was very negative and resulted in few monuments to be put up for them.
The next day we went to Vossenack to look at the German War cemetery there, here lie the casualties of the battle for Hürtgenwald.

Siegfriedline near Aachen – Germany

Just outside the city limits of Aachen, we stumbled upon remnants of the Siegfriedline.
Even after 70 years the countryside shows the remanants of war, there are long long lines of dragonteeth flowing trough meadows and forrests. Somehow these silent witnesses make you stop to think for a while.

Dragonteeth near Aachen

Henri Chapelle – Belgium

We stopped at the impressive Henri Chapelle cemetery in Belgium. Here lie about 8000 American casualties.
It is one of many American cemeteries in Europe. Most soldiers buried here died in the Battle of the Bulge. It is a place that makes you realize the amount of sacrifice given for freedom.

American War cemetery Henri Chapelle

Eben Emael and La Gleize – Belgium

Bulletholes in the fort of Eben Emael

From Henri Chapelle we went to see Eben Emael, a Belgian fortification, where we found a closed door! Opening hours are not regular, so be sure to check their website before you go.
They have a few days a year when you are welcome to visit, but otherwise you have to ask them for a guided tour, which can be expensive unless you go with a group and can split the bill. In later years we have arranged a guided tour. These pictures were made at the front/outside the fort. You can find more on Eben Emael in this post.

La Gleize – Belgium

We continued from Eben Emael to the village of La Gleize. Here there is a giant Königstiger tank waiting for you, left here in their retreat by kampfgruppe Peiper, known for their atrosities at Malmedy / st. Vith.
In la Gleize there is a museum with handguns, uniforms, documents and more. They also have a fair amount of model vehicles to give an impression of the size and scale of them. During our visit we weren’t allowed to make photographs inside the museum, only of the King Tiger outside. If you are in the neighbourhood the museum is well worth a visit.

Königstiger of Kampfgruppe Peiper

Panther D in Breda – Netherlands

On our way home we stopped at the city of Breda. The Panther D there had been on our list long time and now was the chance to see it.
A beautiful tank with the Zimmerit still covering the hull above the tracks. This Panther was a gift and left as a memorial by the Polish liberators in 1945.

The Panther D in Breda

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