Military Aviation Museum Soesterberg – Soest, Netherlands

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This museum closed in 2013. It’s collection has been moved to the National Military Museum in Soesterberg.
Fokker D XXI

Fokker D XXI

Close to the city of Soesterberg you will find the Military Aviation Museum.
It’s an active museum, presenting a hall dedicated to learn the concept of aerodynamics by controlling jets and choppers using mock-ups. Nice for all ages.

The collection is much larger than expected, the outside area is pretty large and widespread, it displays a Spitfire among several NATO aircraft and a nice Mig. There is a part dedicated to post war radar interception and defense.

The halls are beautiful, a colorful display of aircraft, spatially parted in the area. In the big hall you are greeted by a massive water plane, the Dornier DO-24. An engine of the Spitfire is cut open and displayed in the back of the hall.

The smaller hall is dedicated to the 2nd world war and contains several Dutch war birds. The Fokker D-XXI fighter and the Fokker G1-A, a heavy twin engine fighter, are on

Several 1st world war fighters stand next to a Spitfire, P-51 Mustang and a B52 Mitchell. Hanging from the roof is a V1 flying bomb, the first cruise missile in the world.  Beautiful decorated halls with a nice piece of patriotic history.

Photo album Military Aviation Museum 

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