, Last update: May 21 2017,
In the centre of Batley, just south of Leeds in England, is a war memorial to commemorate the fallen from the Great War, or World War One, and World...

, Last update: April 11 2016,
War Memorial Dalkeith in King’s Park In Daltkeith there is an war memorial for those who fell during the First World War. You can find this memorial in...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
The holocaust memorial in Berlin is formed by a large 19.000 m² site filled with 2711 concrete blocks placed in straight rows like silent unmarked graves. The monument is...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
This is the memorial in Karlshagen. During the 60's, on the southside of this cemetery a mass grave was discovered containing 56 dead.

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