, Last update: January 2 2016,
Kurgan, Oblast Krugan in west Siberia – Russia, near Omsk (±500km to the south – east), or Yekaterinburg (±400km to the north –east), was one of these places that...

, Last update: January 2 2016,
This museum offers tours inside Pz.W 716 and Pz.W 717 and walks down the vast tunnel system of Festungstellung Oder-Warthe Bogen in Poland.

, Last update: January 2 2016,
In Yekaterinburg Russia we stumbled upon the Military Museum of the Volga- Ural district. During World War Two the Russian authorities decides to rebuild the weapon factories behind the...

, Last update: November 22 2015,
Челябинский тракторный завод (ЧТЗ) or phonetic "Chelyabinskiy traktornyy zavod" (ChTZ), is the full name of the tractor plant in Chelyabinsk. It was founded on 1 June 1933 and...

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