World War one

, Last update: August 27 2017,
The Cenotaph was erected in 1924, before World War Two, and was designed by Vernon March to commemorate the South African fallen soldiers in World War One.

, Last update: May 16 2016,
Commonwealth War Graves Glencoe Near the town of Glencoe is a cemetery with Commonwealth War Graves. The cemetery is not that big and looks out over Loch Leven. We saw...

, Last update: May 16 2016,
On the coast in Oban Scotland stands a World War One memorial for the Oban soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War. In later times fallen from...

, Last update: January 6 2016,
Fort Malmaison lies near the western end of Chemin des Dames on a former frontline of World War One. In 1914 it was abandoned by the French because of...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
At the Amersfoort cemetery is a special field of honor, it's dedicated to Russian victims of the second world war. It is the only Russian War cemetery in the...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
In the city of Trento, in Italy, is a remarkable hilltop. It is used as a reminder for the Alpine Regiment who fought their wars in the Italian mountains,...

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