Two Flakturms, type IV and type VI in Hamburg – Germany

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Flakturm type IV, Heiligengeistfeld, St. Pauli, Hamburg

Flakturm type IV in st. Pauli is freely admissive. Nowadays the massive bunker houses a music school, shops and some offices. It also has a nightclub in the cellar and an excellent coffee stand at the entrance. The tower is fully adapted to the needs of today and therefore there is little of the original structure to be seen on the inside. You can see how thick the walls are, because the concrete blocks that were cut away to make room for windows, are used around the parking lot.
Would you like to enjoy the view from the roof of the flakturm? Find out about the opening hours of the caterer, which has a terrace on the roof! Another tip: take the elevator.

Flakturm type IV in St. Pauli, Hamburg

A tower part of flakturm type IV in St. Pauli, Hamburg


Flakturm type VI, Wilhelmsburg,Hamburg

Type VI G in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg was being demolished or renovated. We hope that it was partly. The concrete interior was being removed when we were there, which is a waste as far as we are concerned. There was a large rectangular opening in the structure on the west side, which was made ​​with a mechanical arm, and they were drilling away the concrete floors and pillars of the interior. The construction site gates were left open and Patrick took that liberty to shoot some close up pictures of it. When he showed up close to the opening in the wall, he was immediately approached and asked to leave. In an attempt to ask what would happen to the flakturm we got no clear answer (or maybe Patrick’s German isn’t that good ..).
On the other side of the bunker on the east side was a huge scaffolding that reached to the overhanging concrete collar. There were clear signs of decay of concrete and a lot of cracks at the corners of vast size could be seen, some marked with pink paint. The terrain around it was fenced off and there were warning signs for falling debris. In older photos on the internet you can see that the flakturm is covered with foilage, this has been removed in our pictures. Maybe this flakturm awaits the same fate as the one in St. Pauli? Keep us posted!

Flakturm type VI Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg
View of the eastside with scaffolding
Signs of decay, cracks and rusted steel..
The enormous new ‘doorway’ cut in the side of the flakturm
A peek inside..
The thickness of the walls can clearly be seen


The opening from the park lawn at the westside of the flakturm
Waiting for demolition?


Located a little further south of the flakturm in the park is a small bunker.

The bunker was lined with high fences and is presumably waiting to be demolished. Again, if you have more information about its fate, please let us know.

In the evening we had dinner in a restaurant in Hamburg located in Air Raid Shelter Vorsetzen on the Elbe, one of the few air raid shelters with the plaque of an Reichsadler (Nazi Eagle) above the entrance (the swastika is removed) still intact. For us the atmosphere was complete.

Air raid shelter Vorsetzen at the Elbe in Hamburg

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