US 42nd Rainbow Division marking – Lamprechtshöhle, Sankt Martin bei Lofer, Austria

This division sign painted on a rock wall near the Lamprechtshöhle on the road between Weissbach bei Lofer and St. Martin bei Lofer, Austria, was left by the US 42nd Rainbow Division to mark their route across Europe in World War Two. The 42nd painted their division sign on multiple locations during their advance through France, Germany and Austria between 1944 and 1945.

US 42nd Rainbow Division marking Austria
The US 42nd Rainbow Division marking near the Lamprechtshöhle in St. Martin bei Lofer, Austria

In early May 1945, hundreds of US trucks moved over the Kniepass on the federal road 178 towards Unken. This sign marks their final location at the end of WW2.

In the summer of 2010, the faded rainbow on the Kniepass was renewed. The text on the memorial plaque says:

Zur Erinnerung an der 08.05.1945

Hier standen bei Kriegsende die Angriffsspitzen der 42. Infanterie Division (Rainbow Division) der US-Army und verewigten dieses historische Ereignis mit ihrem Divisionsabzeichen am Felsen.
“Steine können sprechen, sie erzählen van heroischen Taten und Schlachten, man muss ihnen nur zuhören.”

Die Soldaten der Jägerkompanie, Anton Mallner Kaserne Saalfelden, am 08.05.2010

In English:

To commemorate May 8, 1945

At the end of the war, the attack spearheads of the 42nd Infantry Division (Rainbow Division) of the US Army stood here and immortalized this historic event with their division insignia on the rock.
“Stones can speak, they tell of heroic deeds and battles, you just have to listen to them.”

The soldiers of the Jägerkompanie, Anton Mallner barracks in Saalfelden, on May 8, 2010

The red, yellow and blue rainbow, is looked after as a historical monument by the Kniepass Fortress Museum Association of Unken.

US 42nd Rainbow Division memorial plaque Austria
The US 42nd Rainbow Division memorial plaque near the Lamprechtshöhle in St. Martin bei Lofer, Austria


You can visit this location near the entrance of the Lamprechtshöhle cave system. Follow the small road from the entrance to the right just above the parking lot.

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