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Pascal and Patrick

Pascal and Patrick on the road

We are World War Two reporters with a taste for travel. The political situation in Europe at the beginning of the previous century, the development of modern warfare and the rise of armoured forces between the two World Wars that followed have our largest interest, but specifically we focus on the 2nd World War in general.

From our base in Gouda in the Netherlands we visit landmarks, museums or other places of interest on our road trips to document and share our observations with other enthusiasts of similar interest. Of course we make mistakes or wrong assumptions (guess what? We’re human!). Please tell us what you think and feel free to help us along. (We don’t own a museum or organise tours though, we visit WW2 sites and write about them.)

We hope you enjoy our website,

The Landmarkscout Team


We are not going to disclaim the usual way. This website is dedicated to the history of WWII and that’s that. We believe in humanity, a cold beer and the goodness of people.

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All pictures and texts are made by the LandmarkScout Team, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. We work hard to keep this website unique. You can publish our pictures only with our personal and explicit permission and on your website only. If you want to use a photo from LandmarkScout in a book, magazine or other print or digital work send us a hard copy after you received our permission (we can send you a copy of the photo without the LandmarkScout mark on it). If we use a photo from another source we will give the proper credit to the author or the website. If there is no information with the photo it came from Wikipedia and is licensed by Creative Commons. If you add LandmarkScout as a link on a website, blog or forum, please let us know, we always like to hear about other enthusiasts doing their thing!

The Scouts at Ypres. Pascal, Anne, Phil, Stephan, Patrick, Photo taken by Set our youngest Scout.

The Scouts at Ypres. Pascal, Anne, Phil, Stephan, Patrick, Photo taken by Seth our youngest Scout.

Beside contribution from Belgium and England we are happy to say that an American Scout joined our ranks. Cliff Leverette followed LandmarkScout from 2013 on and has wrote several items for this beautiful website. Cliff lives in Madison Mississippi U.S.A. and always wears his LandmarkScout T-shirt, as shown on the picture, under his blouse.

Cliff Leverette - Madison Mississippi, U.S.A.

Cliff Leverette – Madison Mississippi, U.S.A.

Our latest LandmarkScout member are our eyes in the sky Erika. She is a high tech Dji Phantom 4 and she is our AWAC. She has a special place near Leeds in the Woods residence.

Erika - The Sky Scout

Erika – The Sky Scout

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We have been traveling to many places ever since 2009. Here you will find the latest stories of our trips so far. Looking for something specific? Use the Search bar or the "Search Locations" page to find what you are looking for. Still can't find the right info? Let us know!

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