Monumento alle Aquile – Monument to the Eagles – Trento, Italy

Entrance to the hilltop of the Alpine Regiment, Italy. Notice the text on the mountain wall in the background.

In the city of Trento in Italy, is a remarkable hilltop. It is used as a memorial for the Alpine Regiment, the “Alpini”, who fought their battles in the Italian mountains; the Alps and the Dolomites.

Monument to the Eagles – Trento, Italy

A huge statue welcomes you at the gateway to the top. It resembles the troops with different outfits and weapons. Next to it are multiple columns with eagles on top. At the entrance road to the hilltop there is a map with the layout of the hilltop. Driving up the hill we saw this beautiful sculpture on the roadside while driving through a cave.

Sculpture inside the cave – Historical Museum of the Alpine Regiment – Trento, Italy

We parked the car and walked to the memorial grounds. On the way you’ll see lots of reminders of the Alpine Troops, a food can stone platter and mosaic edelweiss, a little reminder of my missing pall here, it was my vacation with the family.

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