German Vengance Weapons

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Our set of WW2 articles on the German Vengeance weapons, or Vergeltungswaffen in German. These reprisal weapons were state of the art weaponry, newly developed and used for the first time ever during World War Two, These were the V-1 Cruise Missile, the V-2 Rocket, the V-3 High Pressure Cannon and the Lesser known V-4 Rheinbote – an unguided high altitude rocket. The original designation is written in German without the dash, V1 and V2 and the name Vengeance weapons not was used until propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels started to rename these weapons, for example the A4 Aggregate turned into Vergeltungswaffe number 2 or V2 (Eng. V-2). These weapons are also referred to as Wunderwaffen or Wonder Weapons.