Wings of Liberation – Best, Netherlands

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G13 Hetzer

Wings of Liberation is lovely museum in the city of Best, near the famous “Park of liberation” museum in Overloon.

They present a nice exposition with a surprising collection of vehicles in several buildings. On arrival you’ll receive a warm welcome from a Sherman, type M4A1, which is on display in front of the museum.

In the main building are multiple presentations and together with a film room they give a good impression of the Dutch live in occupied Holland.

The site houses several buildings which contain numerous vehicles. Besides a Spitfire they have two C47 Dakota airplanes, rare objects in the Netherlands. These planes are the military equivalent of the civil DC3 airliner.

Sherman M4A1

The buildings on the premises presents a German set, an American set and a Russian set. In the Russian set the famous T34-85 is on display next to a Katyusha. In the other corner of the same building a Hetzer stands behind a wire fence. It’s a Swiss post war type, original Hetzers are hard to find.

In the German section you will find a mighty 88mm gun on display. The American equipment reveres to the Marketgarden landing at Arnhem. A medium sized museum displaying a surprising collection of vehicles. Highly recommended for a few hours of fun.


Website: Wings of liberation

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