Liberty Park, War Museum – Overloon, Netherlands

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Sherman M4A1 overloon war museum

Sherman M4A1 tank in front of War Museum, Overloon

Be prepared for a long day of walking around trying to catch every detail on your SD-card, because Liberty Park is very large! The park is dedicated to WWII and has lots of interesting stuff on display both indoor and outdoor, although we got the idea the outdoor part depends on the season.

It all starts off in the park, where you can see a big Bailey Bridge built over a sandy road and a Russian IS-2 Heavy Tank set between the trees. Also there are a lot of sculptures and art installations about the war everywhere. Particularly interesting is a photo installation of Claudia Heinermann (project: Spuren Traces) which documents the work of the “Volksbund”, an organisation that is trying to recover German war graves and identify the remains of soldiers on the east front in Russia.

Walk around the building to see more interesting stuff. Not everything you see here is from WWII though. And do not wander on forbidden tracks..

Tanks of the Battle of Overloon

In the main visitors center, you can see a small exhibition about the Battle of Overloon with, among other things, some tanks that were used in the battle. These tanks on display here all wear the signs of the heavy fighting that took place and belong to both the Axis and the Allied forces, which gives the exhibit a greater sense of history.

German Panther tank partly on tracks at War Museum Overloon

A German Panther tank partly on tracks at War Museum Overloon

Sherman M4A4 Crab Mk I mine clearing tank at War Museum Overloon

Sherman M4A4 Crab Mk.I mine clearing tank “Avalon” at War Museum Overloon

Sherman M4 After Hitler Overloon

Sherman M4 “After Hitler” with it’s turret disconnected at Liberty Park, Overloon

Underneath is the heavily damaged Churchill Mk.V tank the “Jackal”. The tank hit a mine which killed two of the crew and wounded the others. After our visit to the museum we were contacted by relatives of the tanks driver, who could tell us more of what happened to the Jackal. Follow the link to read more about this.

Churchill Mk V tank Jackal at Overloon

Churchill Mk V tank Jackal at Overloon

National War and Resistance Museum

From here you enter what we supposed was the space of the “National War and Resistance Museum”. Here you can experience a more common exhibition about the Second World War with different themes like the holocaust and the Dutch Resistance. It has a very interesting exhibit about the political landscape in the period before and during the war. A little further down the hall they also have some diorama’s with military clothing and equipment on display. These show the painfully large contrast between the state of the Dutch Army and the German invaders.

German Fallschirmjaeger Overloon

Diorama with German Fallschirmjäger at War Museum Overloon

Fallschirmjaeger Overloon detail

Fallschirmjaeger Overloon detail

The Marshall Museum

For us it really became interesting when we got to the Marshall museum (indoor) where the impressive Jaap de Groot collection is on display. These 10.000 square metres are filled with over more than a 150 vehicles and tanks of all sorts and sizes. Bolt by bolt, beautifully restored and all in a perfect driving condition, so they say. Here and there the items are displayed in nice diorama’s that try to show the context and depict the battles where the vehicles, planes, weapons and items where put to use.

Sherman M4A3 with 105mm Howitzer gun

Sherman M4A3 with 105mm Howitzer gun

Pillbox at Overloon

Pillbox at Overloon

GMC DUKW 353 amphibian vehicle

2,5 ton GMC DUKW-353 amphibian vehicle

Studebaker M29 Weasel at Overloon

Studebaker M29 Weasel at War Museum Overloon, the Netherlands

British Commandos Overloon

Jeep of British Commando’s that operated behind enemy lines in the North-African desert

5 ton SWS Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper Overloon

5 tons s.W.S. (Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper) with basic coating, Panzer-Gelb at Liberty Park, Overloon

Allis Chalmers M6 High Speed Tractor at War Museum Overloon

Allis Chalmers M6 High Speed Tractor at War Museum Overloon

Tractor M26 at War Museum Overloon

Tractor M26 at War Museum Overloon


Continental R-975-C1 engine was designed for aircraft, but also used in M4 Sherman tanks

Visit Liberty Park and War Museum Overloon

Liberty Park and the War Museum in Overloon are definitely worth a visit. The museum has a very extensive collection with a focus on Allied vehicles, tools, weapons, uniforms etc.
If you are only interested in German or Axis vehicles you might be a bit disappointed. The museum does have an iconic German 88 gun and a Hetzer tank destroyer on display. The Hetzer is an after war Swiss version.

For more information and opening hours visit

Photo gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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