Museum of Armored Vehicles: Musée des Blindes – Saumur, France

Musee des Blindes
View of Musee des Blindes Saumur Collection


Musée des Blindes in Saumur, France has an incredibly large collection of armored vehicles and tanks, if not the biggest. With over 800 tanks and vehicles fully restored and more than 200 of these in running condition, divided over 15 showroom halls, it is one of the most complete and extensive collections in the world.
You can view the collection ranging from the beginning of tank warfare divided into categories by Theatre of War, representing tanks and vehicles from France, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, countries of the former Soviet Union, Portugal, Israel, Brazil and so on.

Even though the museum has a vast collection, the tanks and vehicles have been set up with room enough to experience them from multiple sides and are not crammed as you sometimes find in other museums. Another big plus is that most of the information signs are in multi language including English, which is pretty unique considering this is a French museum.

Collection Russian
Musée des Blindes Saumur – Diorama with Russian tank destroyer SU-100 and the mighty KV1

Guided tours

It is also possible to book a guided tour during working days, but be sure to book ahead of your visit as the number of participants is limited. We do not know if these tours include English guides.

King Tiger tank
Plenty to see outside on the museum square too. A King Tiger just parked. In the far right a German Panther tank in restoration (pic 2014)


Go to the Musée des Blindes Museum website to find more information about opening hours and tickets:

Tank scraps
Still plenty in stock for the tank restoration team of Saumur

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