Overloon War Cemetery – Netherlands

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Overloon War Cemetery

On this British Commonwealth War Cemetery, 265 British soldiers, 14 RAF airmen and 1 Dutch sergeant (a member of the Prinses Irene Brigade) are buried.  Most graves date from the fall of 1944 when there was fierce fighting going on in the area around Overloon and Venray, as the Allied forces had come to the doorstep of the Third Reich.

The cemetery looks very well taken care of. Each grave has a similar white gravestone. Standing tall in the center at the entrance of the cemetery rises a Portland-stone “Cross of Sacrifice” mounted with a bronze sword. Fresh rosaries where lying at the base. The cross is a symbol for all the British soldiers that died in the Second World War around the world. The gravestones also show the cross underneath the individual seals of the units the men belonged to. The design of this war cemetery is of Sir Reginald Blomfield and identical to all the other British War Cemeteries maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in 140 countries.


You can combine a visit to this war cemetery with a visit to Liberty Park Overloon. The cemetery is on a sidestreet of the Vierlingsbeekseweg, so be careful not miss the turn. The location is very quiet and lies peacefully next to a wooded area.

A view on the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Overloon, the Netherlands


Overloon War Cemetery

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