Hotel Zum Turken, Security Headquarters for the Obersalzberg – Berchtesgaden, Germany

Hotel zum Türken Obersalzberg 2012
Hotel zum Türken at the Obersalzberg in 2012, Berchtesgaden, Germany

Hotel Zum Turken

The building wasn’t a hotel from start, it’s name was originally “Türkenhäusl” (Turkish home) and is named after the veterans returning from the 1683 war against the Turks. From 1911 is was converted into a popular guest house where Adolf Hitler and Dietrich Eckart lunched in 1923. In the Late 1920 Adolf Hitler and his henchmen took over the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden and the Hotel zum Turken was under Nazi rule, the owner was shooed off. The SS took over at first with guard duties to protect the Fuhrer, later the Reichsicherheitsdienst (National security service) moved in. It was the SS headquarters of the Obersalzberg throughout the war. The hotel zum Turken was destroyed in the Allied bombing of 1945 but rebuild after the war.

Hotel Zum Turken after the 1945 Allied bombardment – courtesy Pascal Ettinger

Next to the hotel zum Turken is a little guardhouse from the Nazi era. This little building was a guard post for the SS soldiers on duty on the Obersalzberg next to their headquarters.

Berghof Guardhouse at Obersalzberg Germany
The original guardhouse of Hitler’s Berghof on the side of Hotel zum Türken at Obersalzberg, Germany
SS Guards and the Guard house in front of Hotel Zum Turken – courtesy of oldillusion.weebly
Guardhouse of Hitler’s Berghof on the side of Hotel zum Türken at Obersalzberg, Germany
Hotel Zum Turken information plaque- Berchtesgaden, Germany


Today there are tunnels to be seen leading to Adolf Hitlers quarters “The Berghof”. Hotel zum Turken was for sale a few years ago and got a new owner, check out the website if the tunnels or the hotel can be visited.

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