The Tank Museum Bovington – Dorset, United Kingdom

Bovington Entrance
The entrance of the Tank Museum Bovington – Dorset, United Kingdom

Tank Collection

The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset has an impressive collection of over 300 tanks. In regard to WW2 they have all the famous Allied and Axis tanks you could wish for like; the Tiger I, the Tiger II, the Panther, M4 Sherman, the T-34/85, Crusader III, Matilda II and many more.
For the most part these are on display in the main Museum building, although some are only exhibited in the conservation center of the museum grounds. Every so often they drive some of the tanks around on an open field in front of the building.

Here and there the museum can feel a bit crowded and for the nerds the overload of information signs blocking every view can be a bit irritating. But on the other hand, if you have your partner and kids along they can be entertaining enough for them while you sneak off to see the good stuff.

The Tank Museum Bovington Overview

Most of the tanks and vehicles on display are in extraordinary well preserved condition. The tank team at Bovington does a superb job on them.
The Tank Museum also has a great collection of WWI tanks, vehicles and items on display, which you will certainly appreciate.

Another large exhibition hall at the Tank Museum Bovington

Tiger Day

Twice every year during the summer months the Museum organizes “Tiger Day”, which is pretty much the only chance you’ll have of seeing the Tiger 131 tank in running condition. This is an outdoor event for which you have to purchase tickets. Be sure to get them well in advance of the event as they tend to sell out quickly.

Tiger 131
Tiger 131 on display at the Tank Museum Bovington

Tank Fest

The Tank Museum also hosts a multi-day outdoor “Tank Fest” in collaboration with “World of Tanks” gaming, where they show many tanks in running condition. For tickets visit the museum website.


For more information about tickets and opening hours please visit the museum website:

Location details

Linsay Rd, Bovington, Wareham BH20 6JG, UK

Linsay Rd, Bovington, Wareham BH20 6JG, UK

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