Westerplatte War Monument – Gdansk, Poland

Westerplatte Monument
The Westerplatte War Monument at Gdansk, Poland

This impressive 25 meters high granite monument Commemorates the Battle of Westerplatte and the Polish defenders of the Westerplatte Military Transit Depot. The Battle of Westerplatte is the first battle of Nazi Germany starting off the invasion of Poland and therefor also marks the start of the Second World War. The monument is placed on the grounds where the battle took place, which nowadays is a museum.
In Poland the monument is also known as “The Monument for the Defenders of the Coast” or in Polish: “Pomnik Obrońców Wybrzeża”.

Westerplatte War Monument
The Westerplatte War Monument seen from the direction of the ruins of the Barracks – Gdansk, Poland


You can visit the monument on the far South-West corner of the Westerplatte museum.

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