Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany

Technik Museum Sinsheim Germany
An overview of one of the exhibition halls of Technik Museum Sinsheim in Germany

There are several museums in Europe with a large collection of WWII tanks, vehicles, aircraft and guns. One of these museums is located in Sinsheim, Germany, and called the “Auto and Technology Museum”. As the name already suggests, there is more to see than just WWII items. In German it is called Technik Museum Sinsheim.

The museum houses many sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maybach and even a Vector. Interesting thing about Maybach is that during the war years it produced the engines for the panzer IV and the King Tiger. Today Maybach is a brand on it’s own.
Different models of Mercedes-Benz are also on display, with a special exhibit of the models that were used by Nazi prominents like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.

Mercedes-Benz W31 G4 staff car Adolf Hitler
The Mercedes-Benz W31 Type G4 staff car that belonged to Adolf Hitler in Sinsheim, Germany

World War Two

The Technology Museum in Sinsheim has a massive collection of WWII material, with several dioramas, like a setting from the Deutsches Afrika Korps (DAK). The objects are packed together in various halls, with vehicles everywhere, numerous airplanes above your head and even a halftrack up against the wall, beside a panther tank fished up from a bog.
They also have a Junkers JU 87 “Stuka” wreck fished from the water. A very rare object indeed, only 2 complete Junkers JU 87’s survive today.

Junkers Ju-87 B2 "Stuka" sinsheim
Wreckage of a Junkers Ju-87 B2 “Stuka” dive bomber at Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany
Heinkel He-111 bomber sinsheim
Heinkel He-111 bomber on display at Technic Museum Sinsheim, Germany
German Panzer IV tank above
A Panzer IV in DAK camouflage scheme seen from above – Technology Museum Sinsheim, Germany

A Focke Wulf FW 190, a Heinkel Bomber HE 111, a BF 109, and a Junker JU 88 are on display next to other aircraft in the large hall.
A German Panzer (Eng: armored) train from the war period is also fitted in. It’s a great spectacle to see all these objects gathered together.

Focke Wulf Fw-190 sinsheim
A Focke Wulf Fw-190 at Technik Museum Sinsheim in Germany

The museum has multiple German ww2 tanks, including Panzer IIIPanzer IVPanther, Jagdpanther, Marder, Hetzer (after war Swiss type), but also tank legends from other nations like the Russian T-34 and the American Sherman. If you think you’ve seen everything in the hall, just walk outside, behind the hall is a long row of American WW2 vehicles.

Panzer V "Panther" tank at sinsheim
A destroyed Panzer V “Panther” tank
Look inside Panzer V "Panther" tank at sinsheim
A look inside the Panzer V “Panther” tank at Sinsheim
T34 tank and Sherman tank sinsheim
A Russian T34 and American Sherman parked side by side at Sinsheim
Tanks and guns on display outside
Tanks and guns on display on the Sinsheim museum grounds
Sherman M32 Recovery Vehicle
A Sherman M32 Recovery vehicle at Technology Museum Sinsheim, Germany

On the roof of the museum halls you can enter a Junkers Ju 52 transport aircraft a.k.a. “Iron Annie”. Next to it are a Concorde and the Tupolev TU-144 (Russian variant of the Concorde). These aircraft are of course not ww2 material, but they are just cool.

Junkers Ju-52 aircraft
Junkers Ju 52 transport airplane at Technology Museum Sinsheim in Germany

Visit Museum Sinsheim in Germany

This museum is highly recommended and easily accessible from the A6 highway. Make it a full day on your planning, because it’s really extensive.
It doesn’t get boring because of the different themes, and there is a lot to learn here. They also have a friendly restaurant if you need to rest your feet and have a bite to eat.

Technik Museum Sinsheim entrance
Technik Museum Sinsheim entrance

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After visiting this museum four years ago, I can say without a doubt that it is the finest museum I have ever visited if one is interested in a wide range of historical items. The WW2 era collection is incredible as are all the other exhibits. The place is huge and it would probably take three or four days to completely tour the site so plan on staying a while and bringing some comfortable walking shoes and a camera. The place is incredible.

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