Werk Colle delle Benne & Werk Tenna – Levico, Italy

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Frontal view of Werk Colle delle benne

Near the city of Levico, in the province of Trentino, Italy, you can find the Fortress Colle delle Benne. It is build between 1880 and 1882. Much older than Fortress Belverdere.

The Road to the fortress is a bit hard to find, no obvious sign leads you in. You will find it at the road from Levico to Pergine Valsugana on the northern end of the lake. A road leads up from the main road, just take it and it will lead you to the fortress.

Just in front of the gate, on your left side you will find openings in the rocky mountain side.
It looks like positions for the defenders of the fort, a machinegun nest probably.

Walking through the gate I soon discover that the place is under construction, reconstruction hopefully.
Unfortunately there wasn’t a warning sign at the road entrance.

Looking over the fence, the fortress still looks amazing. The tank / anti personnel trench is intact, with defence positions throughout the perimeter.
The building seems deserted; the gun turrets are empty and silent. After almost 130 years the name of the fortress is visible in the wall above the entrance to the main building.
From one of the edges of the perimeter you have a stunning view on the town of Levico, which this fortress defended.

Trench of Colle delle benne
Machine gun position at Colle delle benne

I walked around the fortress, and hope it soon will open up for visitors. I encountered no one expect a lonely snake lying on a branch.
On the other side of the fortress you will see the smaller of the 2 lakes, Lake Levico itself.
If you know where to look, you’ll see fortress Tenna on the opposite ridge.

Location of the artillery pieces in Colle delle benne

Werk Colle Delle Benne defended, together with Fortress “Werk” Tenna the roads to Lake Caldonazzo and Trento.
Both fortresses defended the left flank of the stronghold Trento.

I hopped in the car and drove to fortress Tenna. Much easier to find, it is situated at the most southern side of the town of Tenna.  The road leading to it is called; “Via San Valentino” in Tenna of course.
To my surprise this fortress is also under construction. A fence is securing the construction site. I promised my family I didn’t go in (crossed my fingers here).

Frontal view of Werk Tenna
Reconstruction in progress at Werk Tenna

To my relief they are reconstructing the fortress. After out trip to the Flaktum in Hamburg I am still shocked and afraid that they destroy these war relics (See our trip to North Germany).

But to be honest I didn’t go in, I was alone, without Pascal. It is dangerous on your own, you can’t call for help or receive first aid if you fall or get stuck.

Inside view of Fortress Tenna

The Fortress has the same age as Werk Colle delle benne and is situated between the lake of levico and the lake of Caldonazzo, a 15 minutes drive from Werk Colle delle benne.

To find the fortresses in this region I used sir Moeslang’s website.
Just under the picture of the lady shoe, is a bit of text, rather small with an “kmz” site, an “add on” for the Google earth software. It gives an interactive map with locations of the Fortresses / Werk and the Moeslang site with information and photo’s.

Fortress “Werk” Colle delle benne

Landmark Scout Photo’s

German wikipedia on Colle delle Benne
Sir Moeslang’s website on Werke Colle delle Benne
 Fortress “Werk” Tenna

Landmark Scout Photo’s

Sir Moeslang’s website on Werke Tenna

General information on the subject (both in German)
Links to the Fortresses in de Trento Area
Links to the Fortresses in the Alps 

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