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, Last update: January 7 2016,
The building is in a nationalistic style from the 1930's. The sign on the side says it is built in 1937 to be more precise. And in these days...

, Last update: October 30 2016,
In April 2012 we stopped at courtroom 600 in Nuremberg. In this famous courtroom the Nazi's stood on trail for their actions during WWII. On the first and most...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
In this vast wooded area of the Eiffel, on a mountain slope above the Urfttal dam, Ordensburg Vogelsang was built between 1934 and 1936. Based on a speech...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
Originally built during the First World War between 1916 and 1919, the Ludendorff Brücke (named after German WWI hero General Erich Ludendorff) was planned between the villages of Remagen...

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