Eagles & Swastikas – Koblenz, Germany

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Deutsche Bundesbank building with NSDAP eagle and ornaments in Koblenz Germany

Deutsche Bundesbank building with NSDAP eagle and ornaments in Koblenz, Germany

On our trip from Munich, the Deutsches Museum, Obersalzberg, Hitler’s residence and the Eagles nest, Nuremberg, the Nazi Party Rally grounds and the Courtroom of the Nazi trails we travelled on to Koblenz.

In Koblenz we wanted to get some unfinished business done.
On our last trip we underestimated the size of the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, which stands for a study on this collection of Technical Army devices. A museum with lots and lots of equipment, electronically (radio, steering devices for rockets and such), weapons, vehicles, tanks, tank engines etc. Mostly from World War II, a real recommendation.

We parked the car after we drove off from Nuremberg and arrived in Koblenz 4 hours later. Near to our hotel we found a nice parking garage and took our stuff out of the back. We left the garage and crossed the street, the hotel already in our sights.

On the other sidewalk we stopped as struck by lightning! Right in front of us, on a square building, we noticed the Eagle and multiple swastikas.
Immediately we dropped our backpacks on the streets and rushed to get our camera’s out, afraid the Eagle would take fligth with the swastikas in its beak.

The building is in a nationalistic style from the 1930’s. The sign on the side says it is built in 1937 to be more precise.
And in these days the Deutsche Bundesbank, the German national bank, has an office in it.

The eagle or Partei Adler above the entrance

The eagle or “Partei Adler” above the entrance

The swastika under the Eagle’s claws has been removed. This was a common way to get rid of the Nazification of the building. But the style of the Eagle is undoubtedly from the Nazi era.

Swastika ornaments above the windows in Koblenz Germany

Swastika ornaments above the windows in Koblenz, Germany

It was common to use the swastika in the ornaments in the nineteen thirties, and you can find them on numerous buildings, if you know where to look for.
It was a nice surprice to find a monument like this.

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