Forced Labour

, Last update: January 7 2016,
This is the memorial in Karlshagen. During the 60's, on the southside of this cemetery a mass grave was discovered containing 56 dead.

, Last update: January 7 2016,
In August 2012 Landmark Scout received an email from a descended of a survivor of forced labour in the Second World War. Like my grandfather this victim was send to...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
At the Amersfoort cemetery is a special field of honor, it's dedicated to Russian victims of the second world war. It is the only Russian War cemetery in the...

, Last update: December 6 2015,
Due to the effective bombardments of the Allied forces on infrastructure and war industry, Germany was forced to search for solutions to keep up with the demand of war...

, Last update: August 24 2017,
From November 1939 Hackenholt was assigned to the Action T4 programme, working in all six facilities. In the fall of 1941, he and other T4 personnel were transferred to...

, Last update: January 7 2016,
Room of SilenceIn Bergen Belsen (After 1941: Stalag XI C/311) an estimated 50 to 70.000 people were killed or perished in the dreadful circumstances. Knowing that, you’ll expect to...

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