Concentration camp Bergen-Belsen – Germany

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Room of Silence

In Bergen Belsen (After 1941: Stalag XI C/311) an estimated 50 to 70.000 people were killed or perished in the dreadful circumstances. Knowing that, you’ll expect to find an awfull place. But instead we found a beautiful green forest meadow, with only the green square mass graves marked with little text and a memorial wall to remember us of what happened here. People who expect to see terrible facts, will have to do with the extensive visitor centre, which has an excellent exhibition. It tells a very detailed story with lots of background information about the people that worked, died or somehow survived here.

The entrance to the exhibition centre
RAF Aerial photo of Bergen Belsen (13 September 1944)
A memorial grave for a thousand victims of Bergen Belsen
Memorial tombstone for Margot and Anne Frank – Bergen Belsen
Memorial wall and obelisk in Bergen Belsen
In memoriam – Bergen Belsen
The now peacefull grounds of Bergen Belsen



Gedenkstätte Bergen Belsen

For more information about Gedenkstätte Bergen Belsen and the opening hours, visit the website:

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