Kawasaki Ki-100-1b Japanese Fighter

Kawasaki Ki-100-1b

The Kawasaki Ki-100 was one of the best fighter planes of the Imperial Japanese Air Force. On display at our visit is the Kawasaki Ki100-1b. At first they combined the Ki-61 frame with a Mitsubishi Ha-112 radial engine instead of the original Kawasaki engine, later on a newly built aicraft was produced. This resulted in one of the best Japanese interceptors of the war capable of high speeds and good maneuverability. The Kawasaki Ki100 was produced from 1945 as high altitude fighter and took on the challenge against the B29 Superfortress bombers. It lacked a supercharger engine but even without supercharger it was an awesome opponent. It was a single seat monoplane fighter aircraft. The Imperial Japanese Army designated it as “Type 5 figther”, Go-shiki sentouki, or abbreviated as Goshikisen. The last surviving plane is in the RAF museum Cosford.

Kawasaki Ki-100 – photo 2017
Kawasaki Ki-100 seen over the wing – photo 2017
Kawasaki Ki-100 – Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah in the Back – photo 2017
Kawasaki Ki-100-1b with Mitsubishi Ki-46 Type 100 Dinah and Yokosuka MXY-7 OHKA – Photo 2017
Kawasaki Ki-100-1b – Photo 2017
Kawasaki Ki-100-1b – Photo 2017
Kawasaki Ki-100 – Photo 2017

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