Pointe du Hoc, US 2nd Ranger Memorial – Normandy, France

Situated between the Utah and Omaha Beach, a strongpoint built by Organisation Todt, with an artillery battery of six captured French 155mm guns at Pointe du Hoc, presented a major threat for the D-Day landings of the Allied forces. Despite the fact that the battery received several bombings from the air added with extra naval bombardments, reports indicated the strongpoint was so heavily fortified that it required an attack by ground forces. This dangerous objective was given to the US 2d Ranger battalion which had the task of destroying the battery in the early morning before the D-Day landings.

Pointe du Hoc France
An overview of the area at Pointe du Hoc looking towards Omaha Beach, France – photo 2010

On the 4th of June 1944, two days before D-day, the heavy guns were moved further inland (approximately 1 mile) and replaced with dummies to fool Allied forces. This was probably due to the concentrated bombings on Pointe du Hoc prior to the attack. When the Rangers found out the guns were moved, they sent out a small patrol to find them. Five of the six guns were found in nearby locations and destroyed. On the 7th of June, after holding off several German counterattacks and with heavy losses, the Rangers were relieved from their isolated position by the US 116th Infantry Regiment which broke through from Omaha Beach.

Pointe du Hoc Memorial sign
Pointe du Hoc Ranger Memorial sign – photo 2010

Visit the Ranger Memorial

At Pointe du Hoc it becomes very clear what hardships the US 2nd Rangers had to endure to get a foothold on this part of the Atlantic Wall, between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. Once you have witnessed the height and the steipness of these cliff walls (20 meters) the Rangers had to overcome and the German ingenuity of this part of the coastal defense line, it seems like an almost undoable task. The traces of the bombardment haven’t faded the slightest and it is very impressive to see the enormous impact craters of the bombings, still marking the countryside.

bomb crater
Impressive bomb crater at Pointe du hoc, France – photo 2010


Artillery position
German 155mm artillery gun position at Pointe du Hoc, France – photo 2010
bomb damage bunker
Direct impact from on bunker – Pointe du Hoc Normandy

During our visit in 2010 part of the site was not accessible due to cliff stabilization works, to prevent the site from slowly crumbling into the sea.

pointe du hoc restorations
Pointe du Hoc memorial restoration works
Pointe du Hoc then now
Then and now – Pointe du Hoc 2nd Rangers Memorial, Normandy – pic National Archives USA
German bunker
German bunker Regelbau 694 at Pointe du Hoc
German AA gun emplacement
Destroyed German Regelbau L409a AA gun emplacement for 37cm FLAK on the west flank of the strongpoint

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