D-day: Omaha Beach Landing – Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, Normandy, France

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This is a beach like many others. It faintly comes up from the sea and it’s like one of those beaches where you have to walk through the water for a long time before it’s finally deep enough to swim. Very friendly, especially for families with young children.

On June 6th 1944 the first wave of soldiers had to wade through this water for many yards under heavy fire, before finally reaching the wide beach, having to clear all kinds of obstacles and mines, without any cover to hide behind, before they could run for their lives to make it across, only to find a well prepared German defence force awaiting them. At the end of this day, known as D-Day, an estimate of 2000 men had lost their lives during the Omaha Beach landing operation.

Omaha Beach at Vierville sur Mer, Normandy

Omaha Beach at Vierville sur Mer, Normandy

Visit Omaha Beach

It’s just a beach, but it tells us everything about the horrors at “Bloody Omaha” during D-Day on June 6th 1944. On the sands of Saint-Laurent is the monument “Les Braves” commemorating and honoring the soldiers that fought here. In the area many other signs and memorials can be found reminding of what took place here. Don’t forget to visit the American War Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer which is only a small drive away.

A view on Omaha Beach – Vierville sur Mer, Normandy, France
The monument Les Braves on Omaha Beach – Saint-Laurent sur Mer, Normandy, France
War Monument – Saint-Laurent sur Mer, Normandy, France
Plaque commemorating the 12 september 1942 landing “Operation Aquatint” – Saint-Laurent sur Mer, Normandy
Omaha Beach – Saint-Laurent sur Mer, Normandy, France
Monument for the US Second Infantry Division – Normandy, France
Plaque commemorating the National Guard Units actions on D-Day – Omaha Beach, Normandy

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3 thoughts on “D-day: Omaha Beach Landing – Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, Normandy, France

  1. Colleville-sur-Mer,Omaha Beach,and all the beaches, are truly holy grounds,where our BEST and most
    courageous gave their all ,for all of us…My cousin,Melville “Buddy” Friedman,is buried there,having been
    killed on Omaha Beach on July 6,1944…I never knew him,but heard that he was a real patriot,as were they all.,wherever they are buried..I visited many years ago,said prayers at his gravesite,and was moved to tears by the experience…May the lives of each of these young warriors serve as blessings and inspirations for us,now and always…

    • Barbara, I am also a cousin, I am a first cousin of Chaim Vachman who replied here, brother of Buddy lipsky, whom Chaim mentions. My grandmother, Pearl Koenigsberg (nee Friedman) was first cousin of Abe, Buddy’s father. Our family has stayed in touch with Buddy’s family, primarily his late sister Joan Lavin, and her daughter.
      I’d be interested in exploring our family connection. Would you e-mail me?
      Thank you,
      Louis Lipsky

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I think Buddy was mortally injured on D-Day, and later died from his injuries.
    This is what another cousin told me. (I’m also related) .
    Another cousin, Buddy Lipsky, named after him, is living in Israel

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