Advanced Landing Ground A-3 Memorial – La Cambe, Cardonville, France

Advanced Landing Ground A-3
Advanced Landing Ground A-3 at Cardonville, France

This memorial was placed at the edge of a field where the former Advanced Landing Ground A-3 was constructed by the 816th Battalion AAF Engineers of the 9th Air Force. It commemorates those who gave their lives for freedom.

From this airfield the US 368th Fighter Group flew it’s missions in support of the advancing Allies as one of the first operational Air Units in France after D-Day.

Temporary Airfields

Advanced Landing Grounds or ALGs were temporary advance airfields constructed by the Allies during the liberation of Europe in World War Two. An ALG could be constructed from a plain field or from former enemy installations or airfields. When the frontline shifted, new ALGs would be constructed and the older ones re-used for transport purposes or cleared.

Lt. Jacob C. Blazicek

A well known picture taken at the ALG A-3 is that of the emergency landing of Lt. Jacob C. Blazicek on June 18th 1944 in his P-47D-20-RE Thunderbolt with heavy damage to his wing.

Emergence landing on ALG A-3
Emergency landing on Advanced Landing Ground A-3 Cardonville by a P-47D-20-RE Thunderbolt


You can visit the memorial stone at the T-crossing of the D199 and the D199A roads.

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