U-boat bunker ‘Valentin’ – Bremen Farge, Germany

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U-boat bunker Valentin itself, we could not enter, because we failed to schedule an appointment with the conscious professor who arranges the only tours in this bunker. Although this year (2011) a transfer of ownership will take place of the part still in use by the German navy to a civilian institution, we were a little too early for this all to turn in our favour. By now the transfer will have taken place and we assume that enthousiasts today are able to plan a tour or find the bunker opened to the public.

So our focus was on the outside, which is also very impressive. The building can be seen from far away.

Monument to honour the people who lost their lives building U-boat bunker Valentin
View on Valentin from the monument
Guard bunkers on the eastside
The only place where you can get close and have a look inside
The opening towards the river (nowadays closed up)
Inside the dock where the U-boats where to be lifted from or into the water
Valentin. Yes, it’s really this big.
Valentin is of enormous proportions. And we were regretfull that we couldn’t see the interior.
A path has formed alongside the fence
The part which was still in use by the German Navy when we were there

Right opposite of the front of the Valentin bunker, across the dirtroad, is a type of power house in the garden of a farmer. If you decide to take a look, be good and keep this site clean so others are also welcome.


A bunker opposite of Valentin
Another shot of the bunker opposite of the Valentin U-boat bunker

A bit further is a learning trail which leads you through the former camp site of the workers who constructed Valentin, you can see more buildings and it provides a beautiful walk through the forest.

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Northern Germany

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