, Last update: October 22 2016,
Near the towns of Ludwikowice Kłodzkie and Miłków in Poland lie the remains of the Dynamit Nobel A.G. plant. In German times these towns were named Ludwigsdorf and Mölke.

, Last update: October 22 2016,
Construction on Project Riese and Rzeczka started in 1943 and the Germans kept on digging until the Russian army took over the region in 1945. The tunnels and chambers...

, Last update: October 6 2016,
In 1943 Minister of Armament and War Production Albert Speer, started, to talk about project Riese with the management of Organisation Todt. Project Riese, a series of vast tunnel...

, Last update: January 2 2016,
Gross-Rosen started out as subcamp in August 1940 of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen north of Berlin. A year later the Germans turned it into a concentration camp which held...

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