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, Last update: January 6 2016,
Near the city of Levico, in the province of Trentino, Italy, you can find the Fortress Colle delle Benne. It is build between 1880 and 1882. Much older than...

, Last update: January 6 2016,
On the 29th of May 1940 11:00h, a day and a half after the surrender of the Belgian army, the commander of Fort de Tancrémont decides to surrender due...

, Last update: January 6 2016,
Between 1932 and 1935, for the sum of 24 million Francs, Fort Eben-Emael was built on a strategically important place to defend the eastern border of Belgium and to...

, Last update: January 6 2016,
Looking out over the valley, the first world war fortress of Belvedere – Gschwent, is after all these years, still defending the roads below. Werk Belvedere-Gschwent is build during...

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