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The Panther (Panzer V) in Houffalize, Belgium

The Panther (Panzer V) in Houffalize, Belgium

We planned a hike in the Belgium Ardennes with a couple of our friends. Leaving early from the Netherlands, we arrived in the lovely village of  Houffalize.
Upon arrival we ran into a Panther tank on display in the town centre, that is a nice bonus for 2nd world war fanatics like us. View the photo’s here. It’s climable, touchable and you can peek through the openings. Panther tanks (Panzer V) are always cool to see, because they’ve got this tough look.

We left the tank behind and found our campsite and had a great time with the guys. We had a beautiful hike along the Ourthe river bank, chatting along the way.

The day after we visited the small village of La Roche-en-Ardennes for some coffee and breakfast. Here waited another surprise! This town square displays a Sherman tank. Battered up it still shows it’s proud hull.

A piece of wired fence seals off the broken hull, but you can peek inside to get a glimpse of the interior.

More bonuses. On the other side of a gorge stands a M10 tank destroyer on display. We took some pictures from here and promised ourselves to visit it on the way back.

Walking downtown, heading to a ruined castle, we ran into a 2nd world war museum. This was our lucky weekend. The Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes is located on the main street of the little village.
It presents some vehicles, a large collection of handguns, dioramas and close to the exit is a Kettenrad.

A Kettenrad used by US troops on display at the Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes

A Kettenrad used by US troops on display at the Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes

The museum is highly recommended. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to see the M10 destroyer anymore.
This hike, with all its surprises, was the kickoff for our road trips in search of second world war locations and objects. From here we decided to move documenting what is left of WW2 history.

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