Military Fair: Wings and Wheels 2009 to 2014 – Ursel Airfield, Belgium

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen at Ursel airfield, Belgium

“Wings & Wheels” in Belgium is an interesting combination of military history show with lots of different (WWII) vehicles and planes (fewer every year) and a militaria fair.

Even though the theme is not specifically the Second World War, the event has a lot to offer on this subject. Most vehicles and tanks on display are from this period, but also most of the 400 stands of the fair generally offer WWII stuff, ranging from clothing and helmets to weapons and ammunition and even original parts of  tanks, etc. So for collectors and enthusiasts this is defenitely a place to visit. The atmosphere is vibrant and friendly and even for the rest of the family there is plenty of stuff to see and do.

Like every fair there is a huge amount of interesting stuff spread out and stacked everywhere in these chaotic stands. Old, new and replica are sometimes lying side by side, so make sure that you’ve done your homework on the things you want to buy. Not every trader can be trusted on his expertise and there is a big difference in pricing of similar items. Don’t let them get to you and take your time looking for items. Most of the professional traders have websites with more details and are happy to serve you via the internet. Of course, we (and especially Patrick, he can be like a woman in a shoe store) came home with a busload.

View of the militaria fair at Wings and Wheels Ursel Airfield Belgium
View of the militaria fair at Wings and Wheels Ursel Airfield, Belgium in 2011

Visit Wings & Wheels

Ursel Airfield is pretty easy to find and the organisation does a good job placing signs and directions along the way to “Wings & Wheels”.

Ursel Airfield
BE-9910 Knesselare

Or use our location map to find out more.

For more information about opening hours etc. visit the organisation website.


it seems that the festival has stoppen in 2023

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