GMC CCKW 2.5 ton 6×6 Truck – Jimmy – U.S. Cargo Truck

The GMC CCKW Cargo Truck was used extensively throughout the war by the U.S. Army and its allies. The united states produced almost 2.4 million truck during World War Two, over one third were these CCKW Trucks. They were the backbone of the Red Ball Express in Europe to supply the U.S. Army at the frontlines.

They were fabricated by the General Motors and the Chevrolet companies. On the photos is a Chevrolet CCKW Truck. Generally there were two versions, a short based referred to as CCKW-352 and a long based chassis CCKW-353. It had an high speed of 72 km/h and an operational range of 483 km. The 6×6 CCKW truck had good of road capabilities, and was named “Jimmy” by the soldiers.

GMC CCKW 2½ – ton 6×6 Truck – photo 2010
GMC CCKW 2½ – ton 6×6 Truck – photo 2010

The DUKW, an amphibious vehicles was based on the CCKW chassis.

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