Memorial Stone to Commemorate the Victims of KZ-Farge – Bremen, Rekum, Germany

Memorial Stone KZ-Farge victims
Memorial Stone KZ-Farge – Bremen, Germany

This memorial stone of the Site Elders of the Bundeswehr Schwanewede on the Neuenkirchen Heide commemorates the victims of KZ-Farge (a.k.a. KZ-Bremen-Farge), a former sub camp of Neuengamme concentration camp (KZ). The current stone dates from 2008 and replaces an older one that was placed here in 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War Two. The content of the text was taken from the old stone.


Between 1943 and 1945 KZ-Farge was a subcamp of concentration camp Neuengamme. The camp was situated in this area on the Neuenkirchen Heide between the cities of Schwanewede, Lüssum, Farge, Rekum and Neuenkirchen (Nedersaksen) and housed forced laborers that constructed U-Boat Bunker Valentin.

Forced Laborers
Forced laborers at the construction site of Valentin in 1944

In the summer of 1943 there were three camps located here: the “work-education camp“, the Naval Community camp I and the Soviet prisoners of war camp. Their locations are marked by commemorative signs and installations placed along a “Learning Path” that you can walk across the former KZ-Farge camp grounds. The start of the path is from the Valentin U-Boot Bunker.


This memorial is located on active training grounds of the German Army, so access is only allowed during the weekends and public holidays.

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