Poklonnaya Hill & The Central Museum of the Armed Forces – Moscow, Russia

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Poklonnaya Hill

There is a huge park in Moscow dedicated to the victory of the Red Army in 1945, it is called Poklonnaya Hill.
There is an immense memorial in this Victory Park. A massive column towers above a hill in the park. The memorial is in remembrance for the suffering that took place among the population during the Second World War and for the victory over the invaders of course.

As usual the listed dates are 1941 to 1945. The years as aggressor are not listed in the memories. Next to the obelisk is a museum. The Museum of the Great Patriotic War, displaying, among others, lots of atmospheric paintings.

If you walk through the park you will see an open air museum, displaying lots and lots interesting vehicles.
German anti-aircraft and vehicles stands next to a Japanese tank. The Russian army is well represented with a wide range of weaponry.

Trenches are recreated and there is a beautiful armoured train with an anti aircraft wagon. Lots of artillery, a huge rail gun and a large air force can be admired.
From the Russian Yakovlev figther to the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 are on display here, an extensive museum with many vehicles. Small weaponry is not present here, it can be found downtown in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces Museum. (See photos of the park and open air museum)

(Photo set 2)

The Central Museum of the Armed Forces

This is a very large museum with many costumes and light weapons, from the Russian, American, German and Japanese armies. There are only a few vehicles in the museum. They take notice of the submarine war in which Russia fought again the U-boats.

There is a small fee to pay if you want to take pictures in the museum, this is fairly common in Russia.

The famous Russian flag, which was planted on top of the Reichstag after the hard fought battle of Berlin, together with the iron eagle, are present in the museum. (The one that is brought down in the propaganda movie)

An IS-2 (Josef Stalin) next to a KV-2

I left the museum through the backdoor, and was surprised by an overwhelming amount of vehicles in the backyard.
From aircraft, choppers, jets, and a portable ballistic missile carriers to anti aircraft and artillery guns, tanks, armoured vehicles, armoured cars and an armoured train. It’s packed in yard, there is not much space between the vehicles,maybe half a meter apart. Here is the photo set.

It is a wonderful museum where you still can taste a bit of communism, with lots of propaganda object from this era.

(Link to the museum).

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