Electrical Transformer Building near the NSDAP Rally Grounds – Nuremberg, Germany

A power supply station for the NSDAP rally grounds at Zeppelin Field, Nuremberg

In 1934 Albert Speer ordered the construction of a power supply station on the Regensburger Straße (street). The station was needed as power supply for the Reichsparteitagsgeländes; the NSDAP Rally fields.
This power station could supply a big city with electricity, which was drastically needed to meet the demand of the extreme use of electricity on the lighting at the Zeppelin field. The more than one hundred search lights aimed at the sky used for a nightly spectacle demanded an enormous amount of energy.

When we visited the station the interior of the building was transformed to make room for a fast food restaurant. The side of the building once held a German eagle, a symbol of the Third Reich. Obviously it was removed long ago, but the eagles relief is still clearly visible above the door.

The Eagle is still clearly visible on the Electrical Transformer Building


You can walk around the Power Supply Station any time you like, if you want to enter the fast food restaurant you have to visit when they’re open for obvious reasons. Bon apetit.

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