U-boat U995 Type VII C at Laboe, Germany

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After Hamburg we arrived in Laboe where the submarine type VIIC U995 lies ashore. This U-boat was deployed from 1943 by the Kriegsmarine until the end of the war. Thereafter, the submarine was used by the Norwegian Navy until 1965 when it was given back to Germany. Since 1972, the boat is exhibited here in Laboe.
Because the boat is located on the beach, you can walk all the way around it and see many of the details. The torpedo hatches are covered for corrosion reasons, but you can still see where the openings have been. In the U-boat you get a vivid picture of life in this type of U-boat and if you get lucky and the boat is crowded with other curious visitors, you can experience it firsthand too.

The engine room of U-boat U995
U995 – The torpedoes had to be hoisted from a hatch located under the bunkbeds
U995 – controls
U-boot U995 type VII C on the beach of Laboe, North Germany
Yep, even U-boats need an anchor..
Considering the guy in the picture.. this U-boat type is still quite large
U995 – The stern with the torpedo welded outlet visible
U995 type VII C stern
The U995 taken from the Marine Ehrenmal in Laboe

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Northern Germany

2 thoughts on “U-boat U995 Type VII C at Laboe, Germany

  1. Hi Patrick
    I am making a plastic model kit of the Type VII and needed some help with a part which turned out to be the stern tube. Your great pictures were perfect, thanks! I have always liked U-Boats and submarines, there is an American WW2 one berthed in San Francisco near where I live but I have never seen a U-Boat up close. Maybe one day…
    Love the site, am off to have a good look at your other posts.

  2. This is one of only three surviving U-boats from WWII. Anyone interested in history must see this spectacular museum. You can stay in the uboat as long as you like on the self-guided tour.

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