Marine-Ehrenmal at Laboe, Germany

The impressive tower of the Marine-Ehrenmal at Laboe, Germany

Crossing the boulevard from the beach at Laboe where U-boat U995 type VII C is displayed, you can find the Marine-Ehrenmal (Eng: Navy Memorial) to honor the German Navy. The high tower of the monument is hard to oversee.
The original monument was erected between 1927 and 1936 to honour the fallen of the German Navy in World War I, but during WWII the memorial was also used to commemorate the sailors and navy men of this conflict.

The memorial consist of the 72 meters high tower and a large memorial square behind it. Underneath the square is a large space where the eternal flame is burning. It can be accessed from the tower entrance or the visitor centre that is across the square.

U995 TypeVIIC
View of the memorial square taken 72 meters from the upper observation deck at the Marine-Ehrenmal at Laboe, Germany

Inside the Marine-Ehrenmal Tower

You can climb the tower of you wish, we recommend it because the view is stunning. When you enter the tower you can view an impressive relief wall with all ships lost at sea during certain periods in time. The wall depicting the ships lost during WWII is very confronting. Between 1939 and 1945, a 120,000 ships were lost at sea.

Entering the Marine-Ehrenmal in Laboe Germany
In Memoriam Marine Ehrenmal Laboe Germany
In Memoriam – Marine-Ehrenmal Laboe, Germany

Underneath the Memorial Square

From the tower you can take the steps down to the memorial space beneath the square. In the center an eternal flame is burning.

Tunnel towards the memorial underneath the square at Marine-Ehrenmal in Laboe, Germany
Underneath the memorial square at Marine-Ehrenmal in Laboe, Germany
Bismarck memorial plaque at marine ehrenmal laboe germany
Memorial plaque commemorating the sinking of the Bismarck at Marine-Ehrenmal in Laboe, Germany

Visitor Center

Across the square from the tower is a visitor center with several interesting items on display. Particularly interesting are the scale models of all different types of Navy ships and submarines that are on display in large vitrines.

Looking at a scale model of the Bismarck at Marine-Ehrenmal in Laboe, Germany

Visit the Marine-Ehrenmal

For more information on opening hours of the memorial, please visit the website of the Deutscher Marinebund.

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