LandmarkScout Travels – LMS Trip to Normandy France


Every year, usually in the last week of April we travel to World War Two related sites and objects. During these 4 or 5 day road trips we try to see stuff that hold lots of interest for us and we have loads of fun. When we leave home and get into the car the trip starts and stops when we get back home 5 days later, driving is part of the trip for us. Before we actually hit the road we are anticipated while planning and putting a trip together. While writing articles and adding photos to them in the months after our road trip we relive these moments again, putting a smile on our faces.

Our First Trip – Normandy France

Our first trip we ever did was to the Panzerkampfwagen VI – Tiger at Vimoutiers and the landing beaches at Omaha. Welcome to LandmarkScout Travels, our trip to Normandy France was done in three days. As Museum Août 44 in the Falaise area was definitely closed, we walked around and took some pictures, a big part of the collection moved to the Overlord museum (Musee Août 44 is not shown on this map). The bunkers at Wissant beach were demolished in later years, safety for visitors was in jeopardy so the beach was cleared from these structures.

After our visit to the Batterie Todt Museum we walked to the cliffs at the sea side. Following the trail we went to WN 165 Frundsberg (blockhaus de la pointe du Riden). This pillbox was our first LandmarkScout object we chose as website background photo. Over the years we visited this place more than once, in due time it will dislodge itself from the cliff and end up on the beach below.

The Map – The Route

The SItes

Below are our stops, besides the closed museum. The sites have links to the articles on this website.

  1. Panzerkampfwagen IV – Tiger I. Address: Char Tigre, La Butte du Sap, 61120 Vimoutiers, France. Coordinates: 48.92367, 0.21499
  2. La Cambe – German Cemetery. Address: 1505 Turgis, 14230 La Cambe, France. Coordinates:49.34310, -1.02670
  3. Pointe du Hoc. Address: 14450 Cricqueville-en-Bessin, France. Coordinates: 49.39808, -0.98946
  4. Omaha Beach memorial. Address: 14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, France. Coordinates: 49.37096, -0.87973
  5. Omaha beach Museum. Address: Av. de la Libération, 14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, France. Coordinates: 49.36722, -0.88208
  6. Wiederstandsneste 65 Omaha Beach. Address: 104 Rue de la 2ème Division Us, 14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, France. Coordinates: 49.36464, -0.86372
  7. Normandy American Cemetery. Address: Route du Cimetiere Americain, 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, France. Coordinates: 49.35922, -0.85553
  8. Wissant Bunkers. Address: 5-1 Imp. du Portus Itius, 62179 Wissant, France. Coordinates:. 50.88116, 1.65663
  9. Batterie Todt Museum. Address: 566 route du musée, 62179 Audinghen, France. Coordinates: 50.84410, 1.59983
  10. WN 165 Frundsberg (blockhaus de la pointe du Riden). Address: 62179 Audinghen, France. Coordinates: 50.85298, 1.57886
  11. La Coupole. Address: Rue André Clabaux, 62570 Wizernes, France. Coordinates: 50.70590, 2.24143

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