Atlantic Wall bunkers on the Wissant beach, Nord-Pas-de-Calais – France

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The beach of Wissant, in Nord-Pas-de-Calais in France, is still full of WWII obstacles en bunkers. The sea is slowly pulling them in or digging away the sand from under them so the concrete structures seem to lie scattered all over the beach. Still, you can get a good picture of the thoroughness with which the German defence was prepared. And looking at this coastline, it doesn’t seem strange at all that they expected a landing at Wissant.

A little bit further inland there is a lake which was used as a second defenceline. Here you will find a few other bunkers. Regretfully, even though they are in excellent shape and undamaged, most of them are tilted forward and sinking slowly into the lake. You can make a beautiful walk down a trail around the lake and take a look at them.

This bunker was put out of action
Bunker on the beach with pieces of the anti tankwall next to it
Find other pictures of this bunker on the net (12H59) and watch it sink into the sand

Update 2014

These photo’s are from our trip in 2010. We learned in later years that the bunkers on the beach are removed. They are supposedly a hazzard for beach visitors.

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6 thoughts on “Atlantic Wall bunkers on the Wissant beach, Nord-Pas-de-Calais – France

  1. A small suggestion – say where wissant beach is. I know I have no clue, as the Atlantic Wall ran theoretically from border of Spain and France up to Norway!

    • Hi Tom, thx for the input. We are still working on the site and will sure make locations available. In our previous site we had a Gmap location added to the post. We will add these in the new one too.


  2. i visited the camping in Wissant, which lies very close to the lake mentioned in the text. there are 2 bunkers there you can still enter and are in a quite good state. the area all around wissant is scattered with bunkers and is a really good place to go bunkerseeing.

  3. I remember playing in the bunker with the two staircases when it was well back in the sand dunes away from the sea. It had a mechanical lift inside it I remember.

  4. When we visited one of the large cross Channel gun emplacements at Cap Gris Nez in the early 60s it still had a large pile of rusting hand grenades on the plinth in the middle.

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