Airborne Monument at Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

Airborne Oosterbeek
The Airborne monument in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

Across the road North from the Airborne Museum at Hartenstein, Oosterbeek, lies the Airborne Monument. The monument commemorates those who fought in the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

This national monument is also known as De Naald (Eng: The Needle). The first stone of this monument was placed on the 25th of September 1945 by Major-General Robert E. Urquhart, who himself played an important role in Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Arnhem as Commander of the 1st British Airborne Division.

Airborne monument
A detail of one of the legs of the Airborne monument Oosterbeek

The monument has multiple reliefs depicting scenes of the battle. On each end of the horizontal legs of the monument a pegasus is displayed, which is the symbol of the British Airborne.

Airborne bench
Sign on a park bench at the Airborne Monument Oosterbeek

Memorial services are held annually at this monument during the commemorations of Market Garden and the Liberation of the Netherlands.

Airborne Monument
Airborne monument Oosterbeek with detail of landing paratroopers
Airborne Oosterbeek sign
Airborne monument Oosterbeek information sign


You can visit the monument across the road from Hotel Hartenstein in Oosterbeek near Arnhem.

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