Battery Den Hoorn BP 19b Loosmansduin – Texel, the Netherlands

Battery Den Hoorn Texel
A view of the command and observation bunker and the group shelter “Küver” 467a bunker at Battery Den Hoorn Texel

Battery or Batterij Den Hoorn designated BP 19b was a Dutch Coastal battery on the Island of Texel that was built between 1938 and 1939 as part of the “Stelling Den Helder” for the defense of North-Holland. The Dutch battery had a command post and fire control post, three ranging bunker posts and three concrete 15cm gun emplacements. The ranging bunkers and the three gun emplacements are located some distance away and scattered over a larger area.

Marineflakbatterie Den Hoorn

During the German occupation Texel became part of the Atlantikwall as Stützpunkt Gruppe Texel. The battery was used as an Anti-Aircraft position and renamed “Marineflakbatterie Den Hoorn”. Some bunkers were altered and new ones were added. They moved the 15cm guns to the North Battery and installed an Anti-Aircraft gun at this position. The gun emplacement was demolished in 1986.

Georgian Revolt

During the Georgian Revolt this position was part of the South Battery that directed it’s fire on the Georgian positions at Texla, Den Burg, De Waal and Oudeschild.

Command and observation bunker

Originally this was a command post and fire control bunker on the Loodsmanduin. The post had a ranging device to help direct the fire of the three gun emplacements, together with the three observation bunkers that provided further measurements.

Battery Den Hoorn Texel
Observation bunker at Battery Den Hoorn, Texel
Battery Den Hoorn Texel
The German added observation bunker or Flugzeugwache.

When Texel became part of the Atlantic Wall and the battery became Marineflakbatterie (AA-battery), the Germans extended this structure with an observation bunker (Flugzeugwache or Aircraft observation).

Bunker Küver 467a

This is a German added personel bunker. The bunker has a bomb proof hallway connected to two personel quarters.

Marineflakbatterie Den Hoorn Kuver bunker
Küver Type 467a bunker of Marineflakbatterie Den Hoorn on Texel, the Netherlands
Battery Den Hoorn Kuver bunker 467a
The German Küver bunker Type 467a on Texel, the Netherlands
Kuver bunker Type 467a
Bomb proof hallway towards the sleeping quarters of the Küver bunker Type 467a on Texel


You can visit Battery Den Hoorn on the Loosmanduin on the Island of Texel. The site is open for the public and freely admissible.

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