Former Railway Platform of KZ Farge – Bremen, Germany

KZ-Farge Bahnhof Station
Bahnhof KZ Farge – Bremen, Germany

Here there used to be a railway platform of the Farge Naval Railway. Next to this standard gauge was a narrow-gauge railway that led further into the area of KZ Farge, a sub camp of Neuengamme concentration camp.

Between 1943 and April 1945 the railway system connected the satellite camp to the “Valentin” bunker construction site, the Farge-Vegesacker railway and the German Reichsbahn. The track was 450 meters long from the main line, which still exists today next to Hospitalstraße (see picture bottom), to this “station”. Apart from the tracks, there were no buildings or other facilities connected with the function of the “railway station”.

Bahnhof KZ Farge

The platform was the final destination for prisoners when they were sent from Neuengamme to this subcamp as forced laborers for the German Navy. From here a daily transport took them to the construction site of the “Valentin” submarine bunker and back. On non-working days, the route was covered on foot via today’s “Hospital” or “Lagerstraße” during extra shifts. All transports were guarded by the Navy.

The railway was also used for the transportation of goods, building materials and other material and transported to the areas of the round bunkers via lorry tracks.

KZ-Farge Bahnhof Station
Bahnhof KZ-Farge information sign
KZ-Farge Bahnhof Station
Bahnhof KZ-Farge information stand
KZ-Farge Bahnhof Station
Concrete remains in the forest of Bahnhof KZ-Farge
KZ-Farge Bahnhof Station
Railway tracks at KZ-Farge Bremen, Germany


Apart from the information sign there is not much left to see here anymore. In the surrounding growth you can find some concrete remains of this time.

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