Widerstandsnest 35b at Ver-sur-Mer, France

Ringstand in the sea
A concrete ringstand of WN35 lying on the beach west of Ver-sur-Mer, France

These bunker constructions are part of Widerstandsnest 35b and are situated West of Ver-sur-Mer on the coast of Normandy. This part was designated “Gold Beach” during the D-Day landings of the Allied forces. It is a forwarded position at the beach, with other strongpoints WN35a and WN34 laying further inland. Like the neighboring Widerstandsnest 33 further East, this position was also still under construction on D-Day when it was attacked by the 6th Bat. Green Howards supported by tanks of the Dragoons Guard.

There is not much left of this strongpoint as most of the bunkers are destroyed and have fallen into heavy decay. Notice the walls of some of the bunkers on the beach edge being made of stone.

Bunker and protective abbrasion of WN35b
Remains of the roof of one of the bunkers.
This bunker of WN35b lies a little bit further back


You can visit the bunker remains of the strongpoint freely on the beach west of Ver-sur-Mer, France.

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