Widerstandsnest 33a at Graye-sur-Mer – La Brèche le Bisson, France

Bunker Regelbau 677
Bunker Regelbau 677 looking at the gun aperture at Graye-sur-Mer, France

Along the coastline next to the beach lay the remains of Widerstandsnest (WN) 33a. WN 33a was part of the Atlantic Wall and unfortunately for it’s defenders still under construction when the Allies attacked it during D-Day.
This position lay on the west side of the, by the Allies designated, Juno Beach section.

Regelbau 677

The bunker is a flanking Regelbau 677 type for a PAK 8,8cm gun. Around it were placements for two 5cm KWK guns and MG positions. This bunker is constructed of what the Germans called ‘formsteine’. These were building blocks that enabled them to build the construction faster. For beter protection some parts were reinforced with extra concrete.

Bunker (R677) remains with a concrete embrasure in front

Destroying the R677 Bunker on D-Day

Sherman M4A4 Crab
A Sherman M4A4 Mk1 ‘Crab’ on display at Overloon War Museum, Netherlands

Even though the strongpoint is still partly under construction on D-Day the 6th of June 1944, the gun crew of the 88mm gun inside the R677 bunker is wreaking havoc on the troops landing on this part of Juno Beach. They have their focus on the tanks and heavy equipment coming ashore from the beached landing crafts.
When two Churchill AVRE tanks are destroyed before the eyes of a Westminster Dragoon tank crew operating a Sherman ‘Crab’ flail tank (mine clearing tank), they spot the bunker some 150 yards further on the edge of the beach firing shell after shell. They turn and after a few shots Gunner Jim Smith fires a round straight into the gun aperture, destroying the bunker and silencing the gun.

PAK entrance of Bunker R677 of WN33a now closed with large rocks
Bunker at Widerstandsnest 33a
Bunker R677 showing impact damage on the beach side of the bunker


You can visit the bunker on the beach.

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